Founded by a mother whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver, Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) is the nation’s largest nonprofit working to protect families from drunk driving and underage drinking.

Did You Know?

  • Ÿ Teen alcohol use kills about 4,700 people each year, more than all other illegal drugs combined
  • Ÿ One in three eighth graders has tried alcohol
  • Ÿ Almost half of all tenth graders drink, and one in six teens binge drinks
  • Ÿ Every 90 minutes, a teen dies as a result of drinking alcohol

Teens have more power than they think when it comes to saying no to alcohol. MADD Power of You(th)TM is one of three key programs in MADD’s underage drinking prevention initiative. Through an engaging presentation designed to reduce and prevent underage drinking, youth will hear vital statistics highlighting the dangers and consequences.

MADD’s Power of Parents® research-based program and materials are provided to parents, equipping them with the tools necessary to prevent underage drinking.

Together, Power of Parents® and Power of You(th) TM foster the conversation between parents and teens about the dangers of underage drinking and help end the problem of underage drinking.

MADD Parent Workshop

MADD Power of Youth at CELC Middle School