— written by CELC student Anton

Every morning and afternoon on my way to CELC and returning home I ride over a New Haven bridge called Tomlinson Bridge. There on the right or left, depending whether I am driving to school or back, are layers of oil tanks that look like oversized marshmallows, some even appearing as if they are toasted! It sometimes smells really bad and I cover my face with my shirt until I am across the bridge. I started to wonder why the oil tanks are there and which company runs them. I thought this would be a great opportunity for a blog. I thought maybe I would be able to enter, to look around and interview someone, and to gather information.

About a week later my mom and I phoned and asked if we could interview someone for my school assignment. The man on the other end of the phone said that visitors are not allowed due to land security. He recommended that I call the Coast Guard to get my questions answered. I settled to find information on the Internet. When I got home, I immediately went to the computer and typed my first question : “Who owns the New Haven Terminal Wharf?” A Gulf site showed. What if this company was Gulf? I didn’t want to speak too soon, so I went to the site, and it was Gulf. They had a little question slot on their site where I typed my question, and sure enough, Gulf was running it! As I typed more questions, the answers just popped up.

It turns out that the tanks are near the water so ships can pick up oil and deliver it places. Also at the same wharf there is a company that collects metal in a mountainous pile. If you drive by or get close to the bridge, you will see three big brown towers evenly placed, with a tiny bridge on top connecting them. Sometimes you might see big ships or stacks of metal piled with all different shapes with a nearby machine that moves them. And a tall American flag waves with the wind. If you ever get to see this place at night, you might be amazed with its exhibit of lights.