Currently I am a junior at Simmons University, studying Business Management with minors in Sustainability and Finance. Since last spring I also have been an intern at Fidelity Investments, in the Environmental Sustainability Office.

I have tried on a number of hats in my life so far, and CELC was a big starting point in that process. Going into high school I studied creative writing in a rigorous arts program and later served as the Editor-in-Chief of my college literary magazine, the Reverie. For two years I studied business with a focus in sustainability and social responsibility at Green Mountain College – a school whose tagline is appropriately “First in Sustainability” – before transferring to Simmons University and life in the beautiful city of Boston, MA. I have worked in retail sales, graphic design, dramatic script consulting, small business marketing, and most recently corporate sustainability with Fidelity.

In my unique middle school experience at CELC, I gained a lot of incredibly important skills that I still put into action many years later. Sure, there were the skills one would expect – skills in math and spelling and all of those other academic subjects that Melinda and Maria put a lot of care into teaching thoroughly. But perhaps more impactful were the soft skills CELC helped me develop: the ability to actively and happily face fears and new challenges, the ability to find joy in new learning, and many skills in articulating my ideas and communicating with others. I feel so grateful that I had an opportunity to really get to know myself at such a young age – a sentiment that is shared by a number of other CELCers with whom I’ve spoken. I graduated from the eighth grade ready to tackle the world ahead of me, empowered to create a life of my own design.