written by Julia, CELC student

Whoosh! Whosh! The wind is blowing on my face as I ski down from the tiptop of Okemo Mountain, located in Ludlow, VT. I’m feeling light as air as my skis carry me down. I’m also trying not to wipe out.Ski Okemo

DAY 1 : Today is my second time on skis, but my first official time on them! We start the day meeting the instructors – Liam, A.J. and I  are paired with Matt. First, the basics : stop; go; turn left, then right.  We master these skills within ten minutes of being introduced to Matt, so soon we are ready to try the Magic Carpet, a lift for beginners like ourselves. It is sort of like a conveyor belt upon which we are to stand, to be brought up the “mini” hill. The ride up is pretty scary because the newly-falling snow is making the belt slippery and we keep sliding backwards. I start way up in front of instructor Matt, but by the time it is my turn to get off the belt, I am now only inches in front of him!

It is time to start skiing toward the bottom – “WOW! I like this!” At first it is difficult to turn, but as we descend, I get better at it! This first hill is fairly easy. We continue here six more times. Matt announces it is time to do a real lift … ugh, doesn’t he know that I hate chairlifts! What a nice surprise to have such a smooth ride to the top. The hill itself is easy , except for one part when I cannot control my speed. I turn; I get myself down!

DAY 2, afternoon :  My teacher Maria tells me I may go to the top of the mountain. Really!? I am nervous and excited at the same time. I ride the chairlift, thinking about how much fun I am having. I see all the skiers going down the slope. I begin to relax and enjoy the ride when suddenly the chair jerks slightly. “Wait, what is that?”  Panic, but only for a few seconds; we are on our way – whew, what a relief! From the top of the mountain I see all of Vermont. I am  enjoying the view when Maria says it is time to get started down. Huh? This is it! I think for a moment – can I do this? This is my last thought before I shove off. I am flying. I am exhilarated! The trees whirl by! I feel free and in control all at the same time. It seems like only seconds have passed, yet I find myself at the bottom. “Again!” I shout. Day 2 experience is spectacular! O.K., I WAS VERY NERVOUS when I began a day ago, but I conquer my fears and cannot wait for the next new adventure!Ski Okemo