Adirondack Chair at Eli Whitney Museum

The second full week at CELC includes lots of math, some science, writers’ workshop, working together, learning about each other, and continuing to build our community of learners.

While we have a full class schedule to follow, which includes thirteen different subject areas, this week is one that takes CELCers to a variety of places, thus having experiences both in and outside of the “classroom”.

Writers' Workshop at Branford Point

CELCers participate in the Regional Water Authority’s Project Water educational program.  This program educates students and promotes awareness of the importance of water quality, including pH, nitrates, water temperature, human impact and our watersheds, and the hydrologic cycle.  Monday and Wednesday mornings students work in the lab at the Whitney Water Center conducting related experiments, and then on Thursday students spend a full day applying what they’ve learned from the lab out in the “field” along the Mill River.

Testing Ph Mill River water test Regional Water Authority and Whitney Water Center

Connecticut Children's MuseumTuesday students take part in the Connecticut Children’s Museum Homeschool Day. CELCers participate in three workshops: Green Machine exploring wind and solar power, Aquatic Investigations of pond life and water quality to determine health of this ecosystem, and a planetarium show entitled “Two Pieces of Glass” describing the history and relevance of telescopes, both past and present, and of course, also tour the museum. Green Machine / Wind and Solar Power

Friday offers an opportunity for students to develop a deeper understanding of their relationship with the land and the food they eat.  Throughout the year, students work at an organic farm doing a variety of activities, from cleaning the chicken coop to mulching the late crop of peas.  This week’s Why Cook? class has students utilizing some of the beans, tomatoes, and chili peppers that they harvested to make homemade chili.

cooking chili Stay tuned for more as our learning adventure continues …  Locally grown beans

Art class / watercolor