For our theme study of Exploration and Discovery, we begin by having students relate to their own passions.  The idea being that every explorer/discoverer probably begins with seed of inspiration that grows into a passion, leading to one’s exploration.  Following is a description of two student projects where each had to share her passion with the group.


My passion is working with children.

West Haven Child Development Center  West Haven Child Development Center

When the CELC students came to my passion project field experience, everyone seemed interested and ready to work. The children we met were happy to see so many new faces. I really wanted to use shaving cream to make shapes because I thought that it would be a fun and easy exercise to begin our day. Everyone thought it was fun – this activity helped the children learn to develop fine motor skills, work cooperatively in small groups, take turns, and follow directions. The children at the center learn by playing and having fun. We also took a tour of the school and met most of the teachers. We went outside where some of the preschool students were playing. During our break/snack time we did a question and answer with me and my mother, who is the director of the West Haven Child Development Center. I could tell that everyone really enjoyed our time. Working with children is a lot harder than it looks, but it is important to me because I get to help.  – by JJ


fencingPassion.  Does anyone truly understand what this word means?  Is it simply what one loves, or does the word have some complex meaning, only accessible to those who search for it?  Passion is both the former and the latter; it is both simple and complex, its definition both obvious and hidden.  The basic fact is that a passion is something someone loves.  But then there is the mystery that many spend eternity searching for, this mystery being the actual “something” that they love.  For me, that “something” is fencing.

Fencing is a dance; it is ballet performed with a weapon.  This makes fencers dancers, manifestations of a gentle wind, drifting from the Land of Dedication to the World of Accomplishment.  On the day that I pulled a fencing mask over my head for the first time, I was born again.  Thinking back to life before fencing is like remembering spring in the summertime.  It’s a fine memory, yet it’s nothing compared to the warmth of the summer sun, burning its presence into your skin. But I’ve felt the heat of summer. I’ve felt the pride of being victorious in a fencing match. I’ve lived life with a passion.fencing

When I had to present my passion project, I remember thinking, “How do you put words to something so indescribable?”  Well, you don’t.  Or at least, I didn’t.  I put a foil into each of my classmates’ hands and showed them about what I was so passionate.  I was tongue-tied standing before my audience, even though it was made up of a few kids and teachers.  My heart soared when I saw life light up the eyes of one brunette friend of mine, as she fenced her way to a state of utter joy.  That was passion.  Passion is the way my confidence slowly wore away as the arrogance of those who fenced before gnawed at it, yet their arrogance never fully destroyed it.  Doing what I love pulled my heart out of the flames that engulfed it before the burns could become fatal.  Doing what I am passionate about saves me every time.   -by Maddie