Nicole Ball of with CELC studentCT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) students have a class entitled “CELC Blogging”.  Each week a student is assigned to be the class reporter, to cover a story about some aspect of our time at CELC. Students bring in  first draft to be “workshopped” with the group, and then after getting feedback from other students as well as teachers, present a final version that then can be published.  Students become peer editors, listening for how the writing allows a reader to see, hear, feel, and experience the world that the writer is trying to portray.  Does the piece make sense, does it flow, does it have a good lead, how does the writer bring us out of the piece are just some of the things considered.  Nicole Ball of with CELC student

When Nicole Ball, editor of of Branford, came to visit the class, she described the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between newspaper reporting and the more modern “blog”.  A news story requires the writer to remain objective, giving the reader a chance to form an opinion of one’s own, based on the facts.  A blog is more subjective, as in the style of a personal narrative or journal and can assume a first-person point of view.  Good bolgs are also relatively short.  Nicole told us studies indicate that readers only read up to about 400 words on average, skimming if the piece is much longer.

CELC students are excited to be able to blog on of Branford.  CELC brings students to a plethora of places as part of our unique middle school learning environment.  We look forward to sharing with readers!

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