The Acton Public Library held Poetry Night Wednesday, April 26, at 7 p.m. concluded its 23rd Annual Poetry Competition.  Winning poets read their compositions and received their awards. The evening, celebrating National Poetry Month and the poets’ prizes, was sponsored by the Friends of Acton Library. All submitted poems are on display in the library through May 2017.

CELC student Sophie B. won third prize for her poem entitled Seeds.


There was once a girl,

Who used to carry around seeds,

In her back pockets,

For when life gets her down,

For when those boys at school push her down,

And for when she hears her parents fighting downstairs,

For when she sees the blue and red lights from her bedroom window,

Here to take her big brother away,

For when life pushes her down so hard she cant catch her breath,

And for when the doctors told her it was because she has asthma,

But she keeps the seeds in her pocket safe,

For when life pushes her too hard,

Where she falls to the ground,

Too tired and scared to stand back up,

The seeds fall out and grow into something beautiful,

From something ugly.  

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poetry winner at CELC