We spend a lot of time outdoors.  Judges CaveNature appreciationTo play, exercise, get fresh air, wonder, explore, and experience nature. Our weekly outdoor education classes are a highlight of the CELC program.  Students work with field biologists, ornithologists, environmental and adventure educators throughout the year and develop and deepen an appreciation for the natural world.  Vernal pool studyRecently, a bill was considered in our state government that could severely limit public use of hiking trails, town parks, and other lands owned by municipalities due to liability issues.

The CT Forest and Park Association led a campaign, asking citizens to speak out in favor of passing H.B. 6557 to allow municipalities the same protection against frivolous lawsuits that private organizations currently are guaranteed as it relates to land use.   CELC students composed heartfelt letters (see below), which they sent to Senator Meyer, in participation of having their voices be heard on this issue.

We are happy to report that after much public opinion, the Judiciary Committee voted in favor of H.B. 6557 on its consent calendar (reserved for bills with unanimous support).  This is a SIGNIFICANT victory!  Read more about the bill or see CELC students’ letters.

Senator Meyer LetterKyle             Senator Meyer Evan

Senator Meyer Jenna                    Senator Meyer Cole

Senator Meyer Henry                    Senator Meyer Jared