— written by CELC student Nolan

Reflection : Washington, D.C. meant a lot to me. It changed me because of all that I learned from the museums there. I learned the order in which the construction of the White House took place. I also found out that the White House’s last addition took place only about ten years ago. I was just so amazed by all of the important parts of history that appeared there. It made me a more informed person – all thanks to Maria and Melinda, who did the guiding and planning for the trip. It changed my life. I now know this stuff rather than have to ask about it.

I also want to thank my parents who helped me to this stage. They guided me along the right path toward Maria and Melinda and still fully support me, from reminding me to get work done to reminding me get ready and get out the door, and keeping me supplied with yummy food!


Looking forward :   more friendly person