— written by CELC student Jakob

Reflection : I am glad that the 1st Years did not give up with all the prolix work that could cause some people to throw in the towel. Theme was harder last year because I was not used to that extent. I was thinking that someone was going to give up, but the 1st Years stood strong against theme and therefore have my respect. In the end, I found that I had a lot of self-pride from all the hard work I accomplished during the year, such as theme, science posters, grammar, math, and Spanish verbs.

All that work felt like a mountain that needed to be climbed and seemed never-ending. At the bottom I found an efficient but simple technique that I used for the whole climb, which was one foot in front of another. The climb was a long and tedious exercise that not only made me sweat and grunt, but also made me see what my limits were, and the product was quite surprising.

At the top of the mountain, I saw all the time and effort I put into this accomplishment, which filled me with overwhelming pride, happiness, and a sense of disbelief that it’s over. Now that I see what I’m capable of doing, I am ready for an even larger mountain. Of course, I must dedicate all of my achievements to my parents who help me keep on going and pay my tuition! Thank you.


Looking forward :  superior education