Written by Cole, 11-year old CELC student

Meigs Point Nature CenterI could hear the machine pumping air bubbles into the calm water filled with life.  There were dull green-colored fish, invasive Asian crabs, and snails that look like black dots on the side of the wall. This is the touch tank at Meigs Point Nature Center at Hammonasset State Park.

Cold water crept up my arm as I reached into the clear water to touch the green crab – it felt rough and bumpy on my hand! The quahaug clam was so hard to open that we couldn’t open it. The large moon snails’ secretions on my hand sent a salty scent up to my nose.


It was time to go, the salty scent will remain a memory. Hammonasset is a place where I feel at home, and each time I have a good time!


Meigs Point touch tank


Meigs Point Nature Center