CELC Middle School students flex their creative muscles at the Long Wharf Theatre in order to devise their own play to share!  Students are working diligently to write, develop, direct, and perform their very own show.

In this charming (and maybe even scary) play, environmental villains come to understand the importance of transforming and changing themselves in order to live more sustainably in an ecosystem that is also changing.

The students create characters based on their own ideas of an evil twin.  What happens when all of these evil twins live together and interact? When trouble breaks out, fights erupt and we come to see the true colors of their evil characters – even villains have a good side.

It is sure to be an exciting performance. Most importantly, students have created this show from the ground up, and that is an accomplishment certainly worth applauding.

We hope to see you there!

Admission : CELC is accepting donation of new or gently used warm accessories (hats, gloves, mittens) for students arriving from Puerto Rico / Mexico due to natural disasters.

Friday, 15 December 1:30 p.m., Long Wharf Theatre Stage II, 

222 Sargent Drive, New Haven, CT. 

Performance will last about an hour, reception to follow.

RSVP [email protected] or call 203 433 4658.

Long Wharf Theatre CELC Middle School