Creative problem solving was an ongoing theme as CELC students entered this year’s science fair.  The initial development of ideas and coming up with project questions was unique in and of itself.

Science Fair at CELC

To begin, a four-hour workshop was offered to CELC students by the Vice President of the Connecticut Science Fair Association and Director of the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, Frank LaBlanc.   Dr. LaBlanc led students in an interactive program focused on creativity and innovation, problem solving, and communication.  From there, students considered what was important to them and tried to develop project ideas based on their own questions related to real-world problems or issues they felt needed to be solved.


Once underway with project topics, some students then developed experiments to test ideas, while others focused more on engineering and design to create mechanical or technological devices that would serve a particular purpose.  Lots went into this project; weeks of work doing research, recording data, working on what was required to meet deadlines as the fair approached, and then, over the last few days, almost non-stop dedicated effort towards preparing a research report and carefully-constructed project display to showcase their work.

Science Fair at CELC   Science Fair at CELC

Thursday, 6 March at 10:30 a.m., CELC students readily stood by their displays, answered questions, and presented their work for parents, community, and even a group of students from Milford’s New England School of Montessori.  The projects included an electrostatic smog filter, a complex computer-programmed radio transmitter designed to aid in remembering items, comparative nutrition and the best green smoothie, natural versus artificial sponges and absorbency tests, a method to measure atmospheric pressure using a suction cup and bucket, to name a few of the innovative projects.

Science Fair at CELC     dr labanca ideas

The seventh- and eighth-grade CELC students will now bring their work to the CT State Science and Engineering Fair next week held at Quinnipiac University.  Along with participation in this state fair, these students will attend science demonstrations and get to see the work of over one thousand students, whose projects will also be on display at the fair. We will be sure to let you know more about these next adventures – stay tuned!