This 2019-20 academic year continues CELC’s in-depth learning and engagement through experience.  Classes are held both in and outside the classroom.  Whether they are in the classroom digging into a Grammar lesson or in the field investigating Spider Food Webs, students are asked to try new things.

Enjoy a sampling of these last couple of weeks at CELCland …!

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Pythagoras Inspires CELCers!  CELC student Ethan engages his peers as he shares his discovery of a method to “prove” the Pythagorean Theorem!  Students are excited as they grasp the concepts contained in Ethan’s proof, build greater understanding about geometry, and make mathematical sense!

Math Continues to Inspire and Engage at CELC Middle School!  Following months of preparation, CELC Middle School participates in the 2020 local MATHCOUNTS Competition, held each year at Yale University.   CELCers compete both individually and as a team.  MATHCOUNTS brings interested students together from around the state, offering exciting new math challenges!

CELC Middle School students collaborate with Atlas Middle School, as they are led by Level One Certified Kingian Nonviolence trainer to engage in activities based on Kingian Nonviolence Reconciliation, utilizing the work of Reverend Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Jr. and The CT Center for Nonviolence.  Students actively explore and consider Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Six Principles of Nonviolence.

Students are in rapt attention each month as they get to work with Ranger Russ at Meigs Point Nature Center.  Ranger Russ shares a wealth of knowledge during the program – from reptiles and snakes to invasive species, from Native American craft to glacial moraines, this past month includes an in-depth look and hands-on exploration of food webs and food chains.  CELCers appreciate the remarkable new insights that occur!