Professer Carlos Eire meets CELC

Professor Carlos Eire Meets With CELC Students

Another rich and varied week of learning for CELC.  In addition to all of our academic studies, this past week included activities such as seeing the play Italian American Reconciliation at the Long Wharf Theater, meeting with author and Cuban émigré Professor Carlos Eire, and working at Trap Rock Ridge Camp with Rob.

Riding "the mule"Below is a letter from Rob who shared some thoughts about the group:

Dear CELC Friends and Relatives,

Your dear youngsters just left our place after spending a few hours working on our little farm. They are quite an amazing crew, both youngsters and adults. You all should be very proud of them. Sally and I certainly are.

Of course we are delighted, beyond words, with all the help they offer to keep things moving in a positive direction in our gardens, chicken yard, and woodpile. And we hope they are learning a little about sustainable living along the way. I think they are. But that is not the best of it. The best of it is what we see in the maturity, work ethic, camaraderie, humor, and positive outlook they display in all that they encounter. Amazing!

That does not just “magically happen” with pre-teens and young teenagers. I am sure you all know that. That happens because they have a consistent, loving, and wonderful environment, with expectations and accountability that is blended between home and school. So my hat is off to you parents, Maria, and Melinda, for allowing us the honor of being part of their growth and development. They are on the right road. I’m sure of it.

Quite frankly, I don’t know where we would be without them. Stumbling along, I suspect.

Today, all of them together, ended the workday splitting, hauling, and stacking firewood that will warm our house next winter. But they didn’t quite finish. So what are the choices? Go home and forget about it? Not them! They decide that they must come back for an hour, or so, tomorrow to complete the task. Amazing!

Where did these young folks come from? I’d like to know. And I’d like to rename CELC “The Amazing Middle School.”

With Much Gratitude,

Rob Cole-Whiffen

Trap Rock Ridge Camp and Farm

East HavenOn the Farm




Next week CELC sets sail on the Chesapeake Bay aboard the 46’ ketch Boundless with Captain Jeff of Different Drum Sailing Adventures. Stay tuned for blogs while we are a’travelin’!On the Farm