— written by Julia, 13-year old CELC student

Our class got a puppy! Her name is Santana. She is so full of life and very energetic. Sometimes she runs all around the classroom and expects us to chase her. It sounds like fingernails tapping on a table when she runs on the hardwood floor. She also tries to make more food appear from her empty food bowl by pawing at it and obsessively licking it. Her wet, pink tongue is very long and you have to be careful when she is licking your face because she might try to lick your eyeball.

Santana puppyHer schedule is pretty simple: when she gets to HQ, she runs around like a wild woman for anywhere between ten minutes up to an hour; she then walks into M&M’s office, settles into her crate, and puts herself to sleep. She sleeps in the some of the most awkward positions that we can’t help but laugh. Sometimes while she is sleeping, we all go in and see what her weird position is that moment –  she sleeps on her back with her mouth open sometimes, and we just find it weird, but cute!

Having a 5-month old puppy in our learning space is a lot of fun, but it can also get sort of annoying. For instance we have to try and puppy-proof our space, which means we can’t leave any paper or food on the floor because Santana will eat it. Santana also eats things that aren’t food. When we are outside, she finds the grossest, smelliest and weirdest things to roll in.

Since Santana is not old enough to stay home alone, when we travel, so does she. She has to sit on somebody’s lap and when we want her, we say, “Does anyone mind if I have Santana in the car?” If someone replies, “Yes”, we try and work it out – one person sits with her on the way there and the other person gets her on the way back. As soon as we get in the car and start moving, she is out like a light. It doesn’t matter how energized she was before we start moving, the car ride always has the same effect!Santana puppy

At CELC we are lucky. No one has a pet allergy so our teacher’s dog can come any time she wants. We all very much love having Santana as a part of our CELC family.