splitting wood — written by Nick, 11-year old, CELC student

Three groups, three jobs, and seven eager willing CELC students. Thumbs slowly become sore as each piece of wood is grasped by hands, and the pile slowly starts to grow. A loud sound races through the air as the wood splitter comes to life, ready to demolish the wood. The sudden crack sends the wood into two smaller pieces.  Woodsplitting done, I am off to the chickens.mule ride

The noise of the chickens bounce back and forth through my skull.The  rising smell sends me into NOT the best state, as I clear away the chicken dung from the ground. The fire wood still needs to be brought to the house by “mule”, so that’s where I’m off to next.


Crooked wood under my feet requires me to hold onto the top of the “mule”, as a quick jolt sends a trail of gas behind us. wood stackingSore legs and arms flop down into the leather seats as the ignition starts, and we drive away, back toward HQ.

– written by N. M., CELC student

split wood