CELC’s Why Cook? class not only has students thinking about culinary arts, but also has them considering how to express their experiences through creative writing. The Why Cook? blog below was written by 3rd-year CELC student, Sue H.

Why Cook? class at CELC Middle School in Branford

The pieces of cubed pepper tumbled over one another in their race to get into the pot first. They knocked against each other haphazardly, jumbling all over the cutting board as they were pushed into the soup by the flat side of the knife. They fell into the mix one by one, entering with a sploosh.

Then, finally the last piece of pepper found its way into the pot. With a little splash, it slowly sank to the bottom of the pot, its vibrant holly green slowly sliding out of view. And then the hand holding the cutting board retreated, and the chaos of the peppers’ entrance ended, just as abruptly as it started.

The only evidence of the peppers’ existence was gone, and the soup continued its slow easy simmer – just as it had done before, and just as it would do again.