tri-annual Auction at CELCIt’s finally here! The big day – the one we’ve all been waiting for!

Today is the First Tri-annual CELC Auction! The CELC students are all seated in the meeting area, fun cash in hand, waiting on baited breath for the first item to be shown. Bruce and Rob, former Wightwood teachers and current CELC colleagues are the men of the hour, as they are the auctioneers. Rob models each item, and Bruce conducts the auction.

“Who would like this lovely – ahh … what is this again, Rob?”

“It’s a spinny top, Bruce.”

“Right! Who would like this lovely spinny top? Do I hear two hundred?”

A CELCer (or two!) bids on the item, and the price goes up incrementally in hundreds – or five thousands, depending on Bruce’s mood – until just one CELCer remains with his hand up. And then, the next item is announced, and another round of bidding fun ensues.

The atmosphere is light, and the laughter going around the room is contagious, so when the auction ends and we glance at the clock, it’s really no surprise that time has gotten away from us. The CELCers’ arms are full of all kinds of trinkets, Melinda’s camera is full of great pictures, Rob and Bruce’s stomachs are full of the complementary CELC-provided second breakfast, and Maria is full of giggles – the recipe for a great CELC auction!

CELC Tri-annual Auction movie clip 1

CELC Tri-annual Auction movie clip 2

~written by 3rd-year CELC student, S. Hemingway