From our Open House sessions, we receive certain frequently asked questions from prospective parents. More detailed information exists on the FAQ page of CELC’s website. I have tried here to summarize in response to a few of the recently asked questions:

What is the focus of the CELC curriculum?

Information is “Google-able”.  The CELC curriculum includes a vast amount of information, yet the emphasis is more about how a student responds to that information, rather than just being able to memorize or regurgitate for a test.  CELC fosters expanding curiosity, meeting challenges, creative thinking, and problem solving. When the focus is more about learning how to think and learning how to learn, with an emphasis on exploration and application of ideas, students thrive in this way; a CELC education does just this.  These are the kinds of skills and aptitudes needed for the 21st- and 22nd-century citizen.

How does it work in the classroom with mixed-age groups?

The age range from 9 -14 varies greatly in terms of individual skills and abilities, based on experience, learning style, and so many other factors.  This developmental period is an incredible time of growth and therefore does not lend itself to a one-size-fits-all approach. Students all benefit from being part of a mixed-age group. Within this setting there naturally occurs modeling, mentoring, collaboration, and interaction in a hands-on, minds-on way.  A small learning community provides a student with individualized attention, which fosters awareness of one’s specific areas of focus, which then allows for building and strengthening.

What happens if the state or other school systems have to shut down due to COVID – what does CELC plan to do or have to do?

CELC will continue to follow the guidance of the scientists and medical experts guiding this situation.  While we are not obligated to move to fully remote learning based on a any one school system’s decision, we will do so if and when the safety of our learning community requires this, and of course if it is state mandated for all.

What are your COVID-safety protocols? 

CELC’s safety procedures include temperature checks and a health questionnaire before entering the building; wearing of masks while indoors and selectively while outdoors based on ability for healthy spacing; regular hand washing and use of hand sanitizer; healthy spacing for indoor classroom seating.  We have also erected an outdoor tent to incorporate an additional outdoor classroom setting.