by Cade – CELC Student, Reporter on Assignment

CELC at Trap Rock Ridge Camp


As September ninth rolled around, the students of the Connecticut Experiential Learning Center began the new school year. One by one they climbed the steps to the classroom – what would this new year hold? What new mysteries and opportunities would be unlocked? Where would they go, and what would they learn? Were there new students? All of these questions and more bubbled in their brains like a savory stew. What new thing would they discover when they walked through those doors …?

What was in there was likely the most exciting first week of school ever.

At first when the students came to CELC, they noticed of course the absence of many of their former beloved friends and foes; this may have hit them hard, but all was not lost, for a new presence was soon discovered.

Well, not that new really, old time CELCers would notice the familiar face from a CELC-hosted program Homeschool Monday. It was Julian, the “new kid”, so at first it seemed that there were six CELC students, but the students were deceived, for soon after arriving and a short period of mingling, they were told that another student was destined to come, bedridden for the time but due to arrive, the seventh student was coming, Galina was coming …

As the week stretched on, the students faced many unexpected surprises and adventures. You name it, it probably happened: a whole new classroom, a beanbag toss, a hike in the pouring rain, a Maria-sponsored pizza cookoff, a potluck pizza party, a visit to Trap Rock Ridge, an extreme bout of Cade’s long time hula hoop championships, and even a battle against a ferocious dragon!

Well, maybe not that last one, but what did happen was far beyond what the new students and even the older students ever expected.

The students may wonder what will tomorrow bring, what new adventure would be up those stairs and behind those doors. The only way they would find out was … to come back tomorrow.

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