— written by Nick, 11-year old CELC student

I’m here in New Haven,Connecticut, home to the amazing New Haven Museum. Here, in this brightly colored room, we have a history lesson all about the people who have made Connecticut great. We are given a packet filled with information – letters,  journals, or blueprints by the person whom we are studying. New Haven MuseumAfter a lot of hypotheses about who each person might be, we are moved on to a room with dimmed lights and first-hand evidence. With every step, the evidence becomes clearer,  and we are able to figure out more about each person’s life. Later all the groups assemble, and we share our ideas about aspects of the person we studied, including what he or she did for a living.New Haven Museum

We conclude our trip back in time, forcing ourselves back to the future. This is all we could do in our two-hour time limit, although more secrets of New Haven lie waiting for thoughtful students to come.New Haven Museum