—  written by Maddie, 14-year old CELC student

After weeks of hard work, we are now coming to the end of our woodworking unit. We’ve spent countless hours measuring, cutting, and sanding our wooden masterpieces, while we simultaneously choked on sawdust and learned to not fear the table saw. It’s hard to anticipate the end of something that has only just begun. It seems like yesterday that we had to learn how to turn on the table saw. We’ve only just gotten used to the sawdust coating our clothes and burning our throats, yet it’s already time to go.Krowe's Nest StudioKrowe's Nest Studio

Our woodshop instructor, Ken Rowe, taught us everything from adjusting the angle of the saw to fixing our mistakes. His patience and understanding when we messed up helped to create a less stressful and more welcoming environment in which to create our boxes and cutting boards. It will be hard to go home on Fridays without dust beneath our fingernails and thin pink scrapes on our arms, but at least we will have our beautiful projects as souvenirs! I’m sure everyone will miss the hum of the power tools echoing in their ears as we end this unit, and I know we will never forget this exciting and educational experience!

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