Faerie Village at CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Middle School



Please enjoy our artistically-designed “village”, representing a study of places around the world, ancient civilizations, and wee folk lore! village-sb

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Cade, Galina, Gray. Izzy, Sophie

Hono (Turtle) VillageFaerie village and ancient civilizations at CELC Middle School

Maui, Hawaii 2016

Aloha! Welcome to the Maui Spa and Resort, the hottest vaca spot for only the coolest, smartest, and sweetest wee folk. Sink your feet into the cool sand, eat delicious Haupia, a creamy custard dessert, and savor cool Wow-wow Lemonade under the hot sun. We offer swimming, surfing, and even have an optional hula dance off Sunday nights.

Our number one priority is to make sure you have the best time of your lives with our fun activities. Oh, and if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the famous razorback musk turtle named Rainbow Greg. He is said to have the most magical powers to read your palms or your auras.


Faerie Village and ancient civilizations study CELC Middle SchoolNorwegian Viking Faeries


Welcome to Norway, where you will find a faerie house, along with a Viking faerie ship!

In Norway there is a lot to do. Some of the most fun things to do are to go sailing on a lake or the sea or go hiking in the mountains.   Take a peek at how the Viking faerie villagers live and sail.   The Viking faeries spend most of their time fishing on ships and stocking up on food for the long, cold winters.

They often are at war, trying to take over other Viking faerie villages to collect riches, such as jewels, weapons, metal, knowledge, food, and more land. The faerie Vikings are legendary warriors who constantly fight other villages in all types of weather, including Norway’s snow and sleet. These faeries believe in many different things; one of these things is Yggdrasil, an ash tree that holds the nine worlds in its branches and roots. Odin, leader of the Aesir Tribe of Deities, rides his horse Sleipnir up and down the roots and branches of the tree. Other Viking faerie gods include Thor, the God of Thunder; Loki, the God of “Pranks”; and Freya, the Goddess of Beauty, Love and Destiny.

Can you find the Viking helmet?

The Teeny (Colossal) CathedralFaerie Village and ancient civilization study CELC Middle School

Moscow, Russia 1890

Welcome, here we find ourselves at the home of Domovo, the old house faerie known to bring good luck. Unlike others of his kind, he has made the brave step to leave his “apartment” in the family home and make a life for himself.

Living so close to what could be called a wonder of the modern world, he had always been fascinated by the nearly five hundred-year old St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, the capital of Russia. His favorite thing to do was fly up the 156 feet to the top of the cathedral and have a faerie’s eye view.

What else is there to do except model his home after such a magnificent structure and place of worship, the very one built by Ivan the Terrible?

Can you find the Domovoi’s lucky hawk feather?

удачи, и хороший день! (Good luck, and good day!)

Faerie Village and ancient civilization study CELC Middle SchoolSeminole Fairy Nation

Fort Pierce, Florida


Welcome to the Seminole fairy village! Every Seminole fairy born here of a Seminole mother is part of her clan. Each clan is based on non-human identity; there are eight Seminole clans: Panther, Bear, Deer, Wind, Bigtown, Bird, Snake, and Otter. All kids inherit the clan of their fairy mother, and when the last female fairy in the clan passes on, the clan no longer exists.

The fairies that live in this village are part of the Panther clan. They have the power of knowledge; these fairies make laws and make powerful medicine that is used to heal the fairies in the village. These fairies are the most important because Creator, who created all of the eight clans, loved Panther the most.

The fairies live in little houses on the beach. They celebrated holidays, such as the Corn Dance Festival, a festival that expresses thanks for the maize crop. Fairies come from great distances to attend. There is music, laughter, dance, and wonderful food.

Can you find a Seminole painting?

Faerie Village and ancient civilization study CELC Middle SchoolHome of the Hearts

Giethoorn, Netherlands

Hallo! Welcome to our glamorous and glitzy home of the wee folk in the Netherlands! Our home is a modern magical mystery! The region of Giethoorn is most special for fairies because the only transportation needed is boats! Yes, you heard me right, this land does not have any roads. If any fairy does not feel well enough to fly, the fairy may take a nice boat ride to get to a particular destination.

There are about four miles of canals running through the little village and about fifty little wooden bridges spread throughout the canals to visit and adventure. Some of the most exciting adventures happen in the coldest weather. When the weather freezes over the water, the fairies go ice skating – which is one of their favorite things to do! Giethoorn is known as “Venice of the North”.

In the Netherlands we have a magical and mystical aura all around us; we are full of mysteries. Can you find the secret bronzed star? For this family the star represents faith and hope, a reminder that even in the darkest times, they can always find the light.

What is your light?