West Haven Child Development CenterOne may experience an initial inspiration that sparks a passion, which ultimately leads to a lifelong journey of immersion into a particular area of interest.

CELC’s thematic study for this academic year of Exploration and Discovery begins first by finding out what students are passionate about and then by sharing that passion with their peers.

A variety of initial activities takes place, including a collage depicting images and words that best describe the aspects of the passion that are meaningful as well as the creation of a board game that teaches and employs aspects of the topic relating to the passion.  We have a wide range of interests in our seven-person group including child development, photography, football, and fencing.

The main event for students is to create a way to share their passion with their classmates.  This must include a sharing of what is most meaningful, educating others and incorporating a way to have others experience the activity first-hand.

The first presentation occurred Tuesday when one of our students brought the group to the West Haven Child Development Center.  Her mom is the director of the center, and this student has developed a passion for working with young children.West Haven Child Development Center

She planned activities that included having our CELCers work with the pre-school students in a shaving cream activity.  Our students had quite a time, and everyone enjoyed the collaborative nature and imaginary play that took place.  They also appreciated how much went into running a child development center.


Stay tuned for more about our Passion Project studies at CELC !   West Haven Child Development Center