Long Wharf TheaterIf you ask teenagers to list their favorite pastimes, much of the list would probably include things somehow related to being plugged in to some type of wireless device.  When do young people play, freely, outdoors, creating games from their imaginations?  Long Wharf Theater

Drama classes on Fridays at Long Wharf Theater have CELCers pretending.  Creating shapes within a space, making up a way to mold (non-existent) clay into a gift for another, keeping track of instructions that focus all of the senses, simultaneously. Long Wharf Theater

Bring on a refreshing and much appreciated opportunity to utilize the whole self and have a chance to take the risk to think way outside the box.  Play. A fine concept and best done on a regular basis. Imagination engaged, yes – indeed.

Tuesday brought CELC students to the Florence Griswold Museum, where art is alive and well.  The current outdoor exhibit, Of Feathers and Fairy Tales, is an elaborately and artistically done set of sculptured scenes, inventively capturing aspects that portray elements of many of the childhood favorites.

Florence GriswoldIn the spirit of the Lyme Art Colony during Miss Griswold’s time (1850-1937), the students painted en plein air on this, a pristine fall day overlooking the Lieutenant River, a tributary of the Connecticut River.  Easels and palettes in hand, students were encouraged to paint their own interpretation of the scene, while utilizing some simple techniques of landscape artistry and mixing colors.  Florence GriswoldFlorence GriswoldThe day also included a tour of the boarding house where students compared examples of artwork in the style of both Tonalism and American Impressionism and found out some of the stories that go with the painted panels that remain on the door panels.  A memorable and fabulously gorgeous day.

Stay tuned for more Adventures of CELC : A Day in the Life of Our Learning ..!