A buzz of conversation and activity and the sharing of ideas when graduate students from Yale University’s School of Management (SOM) visited CELC Middle School as part of the SOM Day of Service.  Middle school students were engaged in a Shark Tank Simulation experience, led by the Yale students.  The focus was identifying and developing unique ideas, trying to solve problems related to Ecology and Sustainability. 

Similar to how a think tank would operate, students worked in teams to problem solve, form, and shape their ideas.  Groups were encouraged to stretch their thinking.  Students then presented their solutions.  The Yale students were impressed with the younger students level of work and ability to think creatively.  Exciting for all! 

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CELC Middle School’s Thursday Outdoor Education class took place at Common Ground Nature Center this week. Students were able to learn all about honeybees – fascinating information, the complexity of honeybee society is truly captivating.  CELC students were grateful to learn about bees and the significance of these important pollinators!

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