CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC – pronounced /selk/) offers Educational Coaching and Academic Tutoring for ages kindergarten through high school, with some college support services.

CELC also provides small group hands-on classes and expeditionary learning opportunities.

  • One-to-One academic tutoring for kindergarten through high school:

subjects include but not limited to Math, Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Spanish language

  • Educational Coaching and Executive Functioning Support:

            organizational skill building, time management, task initiation and activation

  • College preparation:

one-to-one intensive support with college applications and essays

  • Learning Expeditions and Leadership Training:

                        small group interactive sessions focused on teambuilding, social skillbuilding; supplemented with field experiences and travel-related opportunities

Emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and problem solving are integral to CELC’s “learning to learn” approach and essential to achievement in the next-generation workforce.

CELC’s individualized learner-centered system designed to meet students’ needs has at its core a focus on the academic, social, and developmental levels of each student.