28 07, 2018

A Guatemala Story, Lives on Film with Digital Storytelling

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by Melinda Alcosser As a recipient of a scholarship from the Friendship Fund, I was recently fortunate to travel to Guatemala with a group of educators on a Digital Storytelling program run by Peaceworks Travel.  This organization was founded by a history teacher just after 9/11, who felt it vital to find a way to [...]

27 06, 2018

CELC Middle School Features Ecology and Sustainability 

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CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Ecology and Sustainability Exposition was a great success!  Held at the Willoughgby Wallace Memorial Library in Branford, students set up elaborate interactive displays and shared with the public, family, and friends who attended the event. 

25 05, 2018

CELC Middle School Travels to The Ecology School in Saco, Maine

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Once again, CELC traveled for an end-of-year adventure, this time to The Ecology School in Saco, Maine.  CELC incorporates student travel into its curriculum purposely – to bring young people outside their comfort zones and to open up to discovery of new elements in themselves, the world, and each other. Educator Brody from The Ecology School worked [...]

14 05, 2018

CELC Middle School Ecology and Sustainability Expo Comes to Branford 

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Each year CELC Middle School of Branford has a theme of study - this year’s theme: Ecology and Sustainability. After months of study, research and preparation, students not only write a formal research paper about a specific energy source, but also apply their learning by creating and constructing interactive displays related to renewable and nonrenewable [...]

14 05, 2018

Yale Neurologist Teaches about the Brain at CELC Middle School of Branford

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Assistant Professor of Neurology at Yale University Chris Gottschalk, MD, FAHS visits CELC Middle School to teach about the brain and nervous system as part of CELC’s study of the human body.  Dr. Gottschalk answered student questions on topics ranging from the parts and function of the brain to new research on causes of migraines.  Students [...]

2 05, 2018

Yale SOM and Looking Closely at CELC Middle School

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A buzz of conversation and activity and the sharing of ideas when graduate students from Yale University’s School of Management (SOM) visited CELC Middle School as part of the SOM Day of Service.  Middle school students were engaged in a Shark Tank Simulation experience, led by the Yale students.  The focus was identifying and developing unique [...]

11 04, 2018

Gratitude for The Abbey of Regina Laudis

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Visiting the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, CT is a significant part of every CELC year. CELC is fortunate to have established the relationship with this cloistered Benedictine community when one of our colleagues and farmer, years ago discovered the rare breed cattle that exist at the Abbey - Dutch Belted dairy cattle, all black [...]

6 03, 2018

1 May 2018 Free Parent Panel Discussion: Finding the Right School When Mainstream Does Not Fit

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During the time CELC parent Brendan Hemingway and his wife Susan were in-process of seeking an educational setting for their daughter, he was dismayed to find that many of his friends, parents like him, seemed to be less inclined to take action in this way, even though their children also were not thriving at school.  [...]

2 03, 2018

Be Inspired with CELC Middle School!

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Friday at Connecticut Experiential Learning Center:  Thank you, Evan DeCarlo, for working with our student writers. Thank you, Daniela Balzano, for your creative energy in bringing art to our CELC world! Gentle mindfulness and 108 Monkeys Yoga at CELC inspires students to breathe and be! CELC students visit Dinosaur State Park to learn about Connecticut’s landscape and how it was [...]

1 02, 2018

Join Food Rescue US with CELC

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As part of an ongoing study of ecology and sustainability, CELC Middle School students have launched a project with Food Rescue US.  CELC students work with local organizations in food service-oriented businesses, such as restaurants and retail stores, to re-purpose food that is “too good to be wasted” but that would otherwise be thrown away.  [...]

19 12, 2017

Middle school students write, direct and perform show at Long Wharf Theatre

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By Randall Beach, New Haven Register NEW HAVEN — During a performance Friday at Long Wharf Theatre, eight middle schoolers grappled with the complexity of portraying evil characters who learn to work together and appreciate nature. “What I learned is, it’s a lot more fun being evil,” said August Hotis, 10, with a little smile [...]

18 12, 2017

Interactive Open House with CELC Middle School

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Join us Sunday, 18 March 2018 from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 28 School Street, Branford. Families are invited to attend! Find out about Connecticut's Only Experientially-based Middle School (5th through 8th grade), offering academically rich real-world learning, personalized approach, 5th - 8th grade. Come meet teachers and students, stay for the art, music, and science [...]

5 12, 2017

CELC Hosts Local Competition of the 2018 National Geographic Bee

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For the 30th year, the National Geographic Society is holding the National Geographic Bee for students in the fourth through eighth grades in thousands of schools across the United States and in the five U.S. territories, as well as in Department of Defense Dependents Schools around the world. The champion of the local Bee will [...]

27 11, 2017

Hats, Gloves, and Mittens Needed for Students Affected by Natural Disasters

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CELC Middle School is accepting donation of new or gently used warm accessories (hats, gloves, mittens) for students arriving from Puerto Rico / Mexico due to natural disasters. Please bring items to bins located at any one of the following Branford locations: front lobby 28 School Street; inside Stony Creek Market; or lobby of Willoughby [...]

17 11, 2017

Hats, Gloves, and Mittens Needed for Students Affected by Natural Disasters

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CELC Middle School is accepting donation of new or gently used warm accessories (hats, gloves, mittens) for students arriving from Puerto Rico / Mexico due to natural disasters. Please bring items to bins located at any one of the following Branford locations: front lobby 28 School Street; inside Stony Creek Market; or lobby of Willoughby [...]

16 11, 2017

Student-created Play at Long Wharf Theatre – Public Invited to Attend this World Premiere!

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CELC Middle School students flex their creative muscles at the Long Wharf Theatre in order to devise their own play to share!  Students are working diligently to write, develop, direct, and perform their very own show. In this charming (and maybe even scary) play, environmental villains come to understand the importance of transforming and changing [...]

18 10, 2017

CELC Middle School Begins 2017-18

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Launch of another CELC year – quite profound to consider how much we’ve already experienced and learned in just this first month! Building community, the start of academic classes, a week spent in Salisbury, Vermont at the Keewaydin Environmental Education Center, thematic study of Ecology and Sustainability, visit to the Abbey of Regina Laudis, [...]

29 09, 2017

Join Our Team CELCstars and Walk like MADD Saturday, 14 OCT 2017

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CELC is participating in Walk Like MADD Saturday, 14 October 2017 to raise critical funds for Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) and help put an end to the 100 % preventable crime of drunk driving.  Walk alongside us and take steps to stopping this violent crime.  Join the CELCstars team! Register online at: https://www.walklikemadd.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=58911   CELC [...]

3 07, 2017

Give your child a powerful and positive middle school experience!

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Find out about CELC, Connecticut's only experientially-based middle school! Open House and Activity Day Come meet teachers and students, stay for the art, music, science activities, and enjoy some refreshments! Let us know you will join us!   Sunday, 27 August 2017 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 28 School Street, Branford, CT RSVP mandm@CTExperiential.org or call [...]

2 07, 2017

Nothing Teaches Like Experience

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Working with local environmental educator and ornithologist Dr. Celia Lewis, CELC Middle School students utilize the outdoors as their classroom! Pictured here, students are analyzing data from yearlong investigation of shore birds within the Farm River Watershed.   CELC Middle School believes in the power of learning through experience. One of the requirements [...]

27 06, 2017

Connecticut’s Only Experientially-based Middle School – Openings Available Now for 2018-19

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Imagine the middle school years as joyful, exciting, boundless … CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) is MORE than a Middle School! A real success story, CELC builds resilient and competent students who are ready and eager to take on challenges of high school and beyond, as inquisitive learners and compassionate citizens of the world. CT [...]

11 06, 2017

History Comes Alive at CELC – Successful Student Exhibition!

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Each year CELC has a theme that takes on a life of its own throughout the year, culminating with the writing of formal research papers and creating elaborate displays that showcase the work and learning of each student.  This year’s theme “Ancient to Modern Civilizations” includes research about ancient Japan, San Bushmen of the Kalahari, [...]