CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) is now offering additional services to help build confident and competent students from kindergarten through college.

Are you among the millions of people who lately have been struggling to help their children get homework done? Do you feel that helping your child with schoolwork has become a second job?  

More than ever before, parents have been forced to invest time to relearn years of school subject material, just to be able to teach it to their children, followed by the constant checking on them; their grades; and missed assignments – causing frustration, arguments, or even tears. Trying to be a teacher and tutor on top of everything else has left parents feeling just as burned out and frustrated as the students.

Affected families everywhere report anxiety and distress over the loss of learning caused by school disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve all heard about the reported gaps in knowledge. Teachers report that students have lost basic study habits, organizational skills, and communication abilities. Teachers and parents are deeply concerned about the current and future impact of interrupted learning and stress that COVID-19 has caused.

You may be worried about your child’s readiness to move to the next grade level and wonder if there has been the appropriate mastery of skills to advance. Whether your child has just started school or is getting ready to apply to college, COVID-19 has probably caused some difficulty in academic progression. More and more students report feeling less confident in their abilities, both academically and socially, and the impact of failure and insecurity on their self-esteem has some students feeling like they will never catch up – some have even stopped trying.

To combat this growing problem, CELC is now offering a comprehensive platform of academic tutoring and educational coaching services aimed at getting students back on the path toward a fulfilling and successful academic experience.

Academic tutoring services include:

  • One-on-one academic support in Math, Reading, and Writing, along with other subjects upon request
  • How to take effective notes
  • Strategies to stay on top of homework assignments
  • The best ways to study for tests
  • How to consistently keep an assignment book
  • Small group interactive workshop format that offers academic support in a group setting to help students engage effectively with others within a cooperative learning environment
  • Hands-on approach focusing on “learning to learn”

Educational coaching services include:

  • Organizational skill and self-esteem building
  • Time management
  • Socialization skills
  • Skills for successful group projects
  • Skills in how to advocate when talking to teachers
  • Improve comfort in asking questions in front of others
  • Gain self-confidence to be own advocate with peers and clearly express own ideas
  • Overall academic, social, and developmental needs of each student
  • Professional assistance finding a college that is a personalized good fit
  • Essay review and feedback sessions
  • SAT prep
  • Organizing and tracking requirements for college application deadlines

Additionally, CELC is excited to announce a partnership with LifeCatalyst to assist in providing some of these educational and skills coaching, along with tutoring services. Our experienced team can reduce the stress so you can start enjoying your family time again. 

If you feel that pandemic stress has knocked your family out-of-sync and you’re tired of arguments and worrying about school performance, our academic support experts can help. Whether your child needs a learning coach or single-subject tutor, we will help fill in the gaps, ensuring a way to get your student back on track and ready to meet full potential. Start spending family time doing things you enjoy instead of fighting about schoolwork.

Transformative educational growth happens here!

To get started, call CELC at 203-433-4658 or email [email protected]